Jean Schnell | Beginning


April 10, 2014  •  3 Comments

When I left my work and began my retired life, I had a personal goal of finding a way to share my photographic work with my friends and family.  I tend to be a hoarder of photographic images, rarely showing them. I just took them, edited them, and then did nothing more with them.   I felt it was time for that to change.  Finally, at long last, I have a venue for sharing the results of all my fun….This is a new venture for me, so stay tuned as I figure out what to do with it!  Jean


Douglas Burke(non-registered)
What a great website and blog!
E Grace(non-registered)
I am so looking forward to watching this journey of yours.
Susan P. Thel(non-registered)
Jean, this is just totally amazing! Three cheers to you!
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