Jean Schnell | Sexi, Peru

Sexi, Peru

July 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

In 2011 I had the privilege of traveling with one of the lead scientists to an off-the-beaten-path place in Peru. To Sexi, Peru in fact, where there is a Petrified Forest, called La Piedra Chamana.   Of course I lugged my photo gear and took pictures as I trailed around behind a paleoclimatologist (my friend, Deborah), two geologists, and a geographer, and assorted others.  The photos have been used on the Petrified Forest website ( ), and also in a recent Earth Magazine article. To my delight, the magazine used 11 of my pictures. These are not fine art photos, but they do tell a story, and I am glad they are being used for education and to benefit this beautiful and scientifically significant place. Here is the link to the Earth Magazine article:

The attached picture was taken on the way back down the mountainside after the visit to the forest. 

Sexi, PeruSexi, Peru


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